Nothing is given so freely as advice.

Are two helping hands enough to count the number of free expert advice or opinion you give out daily? While helping others is rewarding, having a way to be recognized for the tens or hundreds of knowledge pearls you share daily can further foster an atmosphere of collaboration and mutual benefit. At CurbsideMe, we want to build a community where everyone can give a little and get back a lot of a little’s. We call it micro-consulting and we welcome your input on how to make it even better.

Daniel Kim, M.D.  Co-founder

Dan is currently an Allergist/Immunologist with the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, one of the top rated multispecialty medical groups in the U.S. He graduated from Harvard University with a B.A. in Biology, received his M.D. degree at New York University, and underwent residency training at University of California Irvine. To complete his training, he returned to Harvard for a fellowship in Allergy/Immunology. He has experience in medical informatics as well as healthcare administration.

He spends all his free time with his family as well as supporting his wife’s burgeoning fashion line, g. KIM studio.

John Hsieh, M.D.  Co-founder

John is a practicing Nephrologist in Southern California for over 10 years, having made his medical education journey from Tufts university in Boston, through University of California Irvine to Harbor-UCLA medical center. Patient care and clinical medicine remains his passion, but he is also experienced in conducting clinical research trials, medical informatics and medical expert consulting.

He enjoys reading, or rather having books read to him during his arduous Southern California daily commutes. He pines for more time to spend with his growing children, as well as in creative writing.

David Wheaton  Technical director, lead programmer

David is a UC Berkeley trained software engineer with a wealth of experience as a self-employed independent contractor for more than a decade. He specializes in back-end programming and maintains experience in a broad set of disciplines such as: e-commerce & payment systems, database design & administration, system administration, and IT security. He has worked behind the scenes to keep many successful e-commerce websites running profitably and securely.

When he isn’t working on fixing bugs, adding features, or general project management duties he is probably ferrying his two kids around, hitting the gym, cooking dinner for his wife and finally enjoying a well-deserved tabletop/card/computer game.

Phoebe Lin  Front-end and UI/UX programmer

Phoebe is a front-end engineer with more than five year industrial experience. She graduated from University of California Irvine with a M.S. in Computer Science, specialized in Human Computer Interaction. She is experienced in front-end programing and is passionate about creating visually appealing user interface, designing for usability as well as staying updated with the emerging technologies and trends.

In her free time, she is probably hitting the gym, or planning for the next trip. She also enjoys cooking, reading as well as watching movies.