• How does this work?

    1. Physicians sign up and join CurbsideMe
    2. Physicians create multiple choice questions to ask each other
    3. Physicians share their experiences and wisdom by answering each others questions
    4. Physicians learn from asking and answering questions
    5. Non-physicians sign up as researchers
    6. Researchers also have questions they want to ask physicians
    7. Researchers buy credits in order to ask multiple choice questions to the physicians as an aggregate
    8. Researcher questions will be embedded at or near the top of Physician's question queues
    9. Physicians and Researchers will maintain their anonymity in order to keep results unbiased.

    CurbsideMe is for physicians to curbside consult each other and for paying researchers to consult physicians as an aggregate. CurbsideMe is NOT for use to make individual medical treatment decisions nor for directing questions to specific physicians.

  • Who can sign up?

    Any physician licensed in the one of the 50 states of the United States of America. Resident and Fellow physicians, who are still in training but have active state licenses, are eligible. Non-physicians can sign up as researchers, but will need a paid account to ask questions and use full features of the site.

  • What kind of questions can I ask?

    Currently, we only allow multiple choice questions. You have complete freedom to create both the question and the answer options. We ask all users respect HIPAA regulations in protecting patient privacy and confidentiality during their question writing process. We also ask users to show proper respect and courtesy to each other in the way they word their questions. Under those general guidelines, physicians can ask questions on any topic to other physicians. Similarly, researchers can pose questions on any topic related to their research to physicians. For safety, we require that ABSOLUTELY NO questions intended to be used for making individual medical treatment decisions be asked. Physicians using CurbsideMe may choose not to answer any question for any reason. CurbsideMe reserves the right to remove all questions deemed inappropriate.

  • What is the difference between Physician and Research accounts?

    Account type



    US physicians onlyYesNo
    FeeNo Pay to ask
    Basic screening filtersYesYes
    Advanced screening filtersNoYes
    Multiple choice formatYesYes
    Single question pollingYesYes
    Multi-question surveysNoYes
    Data exportNoYes


  • How do I sign up as a physician?

    Just click here, or click on any "join now" button on the site.

  • What information will be asked of me?

    The sign up process is similar to obtaining your hospital or healthcare facility credentials, though less tedious. You will need to provide your professional license, training, and board certifications. In addition, we will ask for your demographic and clinical practice information.  This is to help streamline the targeting of appropriate researcher sponsored questions to you.  This means no more wasted time doing tedious qualifying surveys only to be told you don't qualify!  We also ask these personal questions so we can assure all users that everyone is who they say they are. Rest assured, we will keep your personal information private and secure. We will NEVER sell your personal information to a third party.

  • Do I have to answer all of the questions?

    No. you are under no obligations to answer any questions. Answer as many, or as few, questions as you like or have time for.

  • How much will I be compensated?

    You will be paid $2 per researcher question answered. We also have generous referral bonuses for physicians and researchers who sign up to use CurbsideMe because of your kind words. Full details can be found on our pricing page.

  • How will I be compensated?

    When your credit total reaches $20, we will send a TV celebrity and film crew to your residence and hand you one of those giant checks that you pose for photo-ops with. If this is not your (or your bank's) preferred method of payment, we can make other arrangements; wink, wink. I mean, like paypal or a regular small paper check.

  • Will my answers or information be private?

    All answer responses will be presented as an aggregate result. Therefore, your specific answer to a question will only be known to you. Researchers will not be able to link any specific responses to any specific physicians.

  • Do I have to disclose compensation from answering researcher questions?

    When your annual compensation exceeds $600, we are required to report that to the IRS and provide you will a 1099 form. Since your compensation will come directly from, any disclosures you choose to make in additional to taxation filings will be determined by the relevance of CurbsideMe℠ (and not any of the anonymous 3rd party Researchers) as a potential conflict of interest to the entity to whom the disclosure is being made. Current laws do not require CurbsideMe to report any payments to physicians for the nature of services rendered by physicians on this site, and CurbsideMe will not be reporting physician payments to any public entities or registries, other than to IRS, when applicable. CurbsideMe closely follows current and developing regulations and strives to create a compliant and ethical platform that meets the needs of both physician members and non-physician researchers. Please contact us if you have any further concerns or comments

  • How do the leaderboards work?

    Be funny, be crazy, be smart, be thoughtful, be yourself and the cream will rise to the top. The top will be on the leaderboard, which may change from week to week or month to month. We have a weekly contest and may award a prize to the top users. For details and complete rules see contest rules

  • How can I interact and also maintain privacy from other users?

    You can choose to use a nickname to display on your profile rather than using your real name. You will also have control what, if any, of your personal profile information is displayed to other physicians. NONE of your individual information will be visible to researchers.

  • Can I maintain anonymity as a physician?

    Yes. your answers to specific questions will always remain anonymous. Your identity will always be hidden from researchers as part of the question survey process. You can also remain anonymous to other physicians. You have the option of displaying certain demographic information, if you choose, to other physicians.


  • How do I sign up as a researcher?

    Just click any of the "Join Now" buttons scattered throughout the CurbsideMe homepages.

  • What information will be asked of me?

    Initially, just your name, the name of your company, organization or institution, and your email address. We will need a credit card or paypal account to provide you with credits that can be used to pay for physician responses.

  • What does CurbsideMe cost?

    You can buy credits in $50 increments. Questions will be charged based on the number of responses. Full details can be found on our pricing page.

  • How quickly will I get responses to my questions?

    The speed of responses will vary based on the physician traffic on the site. CurbsideMe's goal is to provide value and convenience to physicians in multiple dimensions such that they will naturally be more engaged and active on the site even with their busy schedules.

  • Yes, you can submit as many questions are you like. Your questions may be single independent questions or, if you wish to have a series of related questions, you can use the "build a survey" feature and create a set of questions that are linked to each other.

  • Can I restrict which specialties answer my questions?

    Yes. Filtering target audiences by specialty is easy.

  • How can I limit my expenses?

    You can set a limit on how many responses you want before a question is withdrawn from physicians' question queues. Additionally, since you will be purchasing a set amount of credits before submitting your questions, your question will also be withdrawn or hidden from physician view when your pre-purchased credits are used up. You will never have an overcharge or outstanding credit on CurbsideMe.

  • Can I maintain anonymity as a researcher?

    Yes. Your identity is kept anonymous by default. If for any reason, you wish to disclose your identity to responding physicians, you may change your identity disclosure setting.

  • Are my results confidential?

    Yes. Your results are yours only. Neither physicians nor researchers will see your results.

  • Can I export my questions and results?

    You most certainly can. Currently this is available in excel format, but other formats will be coming soon.

  • Do you keep track of my transactions?

    We will track and maintain your transactions for you and they will be visible on your profile page.